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Woman Shot in the John

TN has been having these debates over guns in parks and guns in restaurants but have failed to focus on the true issues at hand…should guns be allowed in the toilet?! One woman was dropping a bomb when the woman with concealed carry permit next to her dropped her gun. Of course, the bombardier got shot.

Disclaimer: Before anyone goes nuts about cc or dangers or freedoms in the comments, and please do feel free to rant, you must know this post had nothing to do with my personal views on guns and everything to do with getting to type the words "dropping a bomb" and "dropped her gun."

2 thoughts on “Woman Shot in the John

  1. I get the humor … cute! My inner 12 year old boy-child truly appreciates it.

    But it is incidents like this that give fodder to hysterical panty-wetting fools that wish to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution to support. A single occurrence of an accidental shooting is all the reason they need to ban all handguns from everyone, or at least, create a few more useless and ineffective gun “control” laws.

    Law-abiding, permit holding handguns owners are not the problem. The thugs and sociopaths that are given a slap on the wrist instead of lengthy prison sentences ARE the problem. The bleeding hearts that are more worried about the rights of criminals than in stopping them from committing more crimes ARE the problem.

    As long as the problem is not being solved by the agencies charged with doing so, those of us with permits and guns become part of the solution … for ourselves at least. Everyone else is on their own.

  2. Locks keep honest people honest. Criminals don’t abide by laws. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. You are correct. People are likely to say, “if there was a law against carrying guns into bathrooms, that lady would have never been shot” but the sentence leaves out a key phrase “if there was a law against carrying guns into bathrooms, that lady would have never been shot by a law abiding citizen.” On the other side of the coin, since the armed lady was obviously (or supposedly) a law abiding citizen, it can be argued that if there was a law against carrying guns into the bathroom then in this particular case, no one would have been shot. This is not an easy issue. I’m on the fence. I can see both sides of the argument for and against. I also don’t feel that strongly about it either way.

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