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Today is a busy day

Today we have pre-school orientation. That’s when you take the child into the school, let him get really excited, then announce, "time to leave!" We will have to follow it with something fun that doesn’t involve the outdoors because Knoxville is a giant mudpit right now.

Today I am trying to put the wraps on reinstalling the operating system on a laptop for a friend of mine along with security patches, antivirus, antimalware, etc.

Today I renew my battle with Knox County School’s transportation department to return the bus stop to the safe pickup location that I fought for 3 years to establish and has been the stop for 5 years.

This evening I will be juggling at an event at the Jewish Community Center on Deane Hill. I’d like to spend the day preparing.

Tomorrow I may be downtown to show support FOR health care reform and a public option which means today I should make a few posters.

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