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The Purge

A friend of mine used to periodically throw out all his belongings. He was a bit nomadic. I cannot remember the frequency but it seems like he did this annually. Stuff he could not bare to part with would be placed in a box and dated. By the next purge, if it had not been removed, it would be donated to someone who would use it.

Our house is probably a little too small for the size of our family and it lacks storage and shelving. As such, we have disorganization in places like the garage. Cathy‘s response is to start getting rid of things we don’t use. And she is correct. Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a pack rat with dreams for each of the things I have saved. Those dreams are not coming to fruition. I think I have finally been convinced to follow my friend’s philosophy on materialism and answer Cathy’s desire for a clean house. I am ready to throw everything away. We can start over.

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  1. We’re giving outgrown toys to a non-profit agency. Stop being so melodramatic.

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