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Poetry at 70 mph

I tapped this out on my phone after cresting the hill south bound before the I-40/Pellissippi Parkway exchange. My normal glance at the peaks of the Smoky Mountains was obscured. The weather inspiring.

There are no mountains today. A cloud blankets the horizon. More so, it blankets us all. @djuggler

Theo Aukerman suggests this could become a Haiku.

With slight mods, could be a haiku: … @knoxcoder

So how’s this?

No mountains today
Cloud blankets the horizon
It blankets us all.

Hmm. I may have a thing or two to learn about meter versus moras ("on").

One on is counted for a short syllable, an additional one for an elongated vowel, diphthong, or doubled consonant, and one for an “n” at the end of a syllable. Thus, the word “haibun”, though counted as two syllables in English, is counted as four on in Japanese (ha-i-bu-n). Source, Wikipedia, Haiku

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