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Grand Central No More

I was fortunate to receive an early invite to Grand Central. Unfortunately, this meant when it became Google Voice, I was stuck with my number unless I paid $10 which is fine because by the time I found out about the $10 I’m sure any number I’d want was taken. I also never took advantage of Grand Central for reasons I won’t get into. I am now very comfortable with Google Voice and am being to direct more of my calls through it.

If you used Grand Central, your old messages have remained available but that ends December 31st.

Dear GrandCentral User (djuggler):

We’re writing to let you know that we will be closing down the GrandCentral website as of December 31, 2009. Get your messages while you can (if you want them).

All GrandCentral accounts were upgraded to Google Voice earlier this year, but since that time, you’ve still been able to log-in to your GrandCentral account and listen to old messages there. You will no longer be able to log-in to your GrandCentral account after December 31. Because of this, we strongly suggest downloading any messages or contacts that you want to keep before December 31.

We suggest you take action now to download any information you want to keep.

– The Google Voice Team

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