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A smack of reality

There is the way that most of us believe the world works; then there is the way it really works. Most of us believe that we live in a rules based society where minor infractions result in catastrophic consequences. The fact of the matter is that we live in a fuzzy logic society guided but good suggestions but where oversights, back scratches, and silently looking out for one another is the norm. Sometimes we fail to realize that stranger is looking out for our best interest.

Today I thought I was exchanging 34 cracked pieces of fir precut studs for 34 in better condition. As it turns out I was only returning 32 plus 2 eight foot pine boards but the paperwork said 34 boards. Exchanges are not allowed in the yard. Wood has to be returned for cash and a new purchase has to be made. Paperwork is in triplicate…twice. After exchanging the 32 boards the yardman drove me to the stack of 2×8 pine, pointed, and said, "I’ll go take care of the paperwork with the yardboss." After swapping my two pieces of pine, I walked to the shed to sign the paperwork. I’d like to blame it on the lack of coffee in my system but truth be told my brain was turned off and I had a naive moment as I uttered, "what about the two pieces of pine." The yardboss glared at the yardman, questioned him, and like a scene from Brazil begin pounding on keys and muttering at her computer. I signed here, there and there again. As the yardman and I walked away from the shed, I apologized and he was good humored about it but I think he probably muttered at me as I left.

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