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Not an Atypical Morning

Awoke in a panic, exhausted and mentally drained. Sleep called but domestic duties demanded my immediate attention. I awoke the 8 year old to prepare her for her 3rd grade classes. The 5 year old doesn’t start until tomorrow so this morning has less chaos. I don’t even turn on the lights for the two high school students as I’ve made them completely responsible for themselves including getting themselves to the high school. Amy and I choose to walk to the bus stop instead of driving. A friend, returning from dropping his child at school early, stops and chats with me while we wait for Amy’s bus. I enjoy the chat but walking home alone I over analyze the conversation questioning whether or not I listened too little and talked too much.

Back at the house, I realize the teen driver has let a tire with a slow leak go completely flat. I was supposed to fix or replace that tire over the weekend. So I pull out the compressor and inflate the tire. Right as it finishes, she and her brother walk out wordlessly and drive off. Parenting teens is truly a thankless endeavor.

Cathy and I and the younger children have been indulging in one of our microvacations in town staying at a friend’s house, cooking steaks, taking the boat out on the lake and such. We enjoy it. The teenage girl thinks it’s weird to stay in someone else’s house so she stays home. I suspect that she enjoys feeling grown up by having the house to herself. Well, almost to herself. Her older brother stays home too. His Aspie ways don’t permit much deviation from ritual plus when we aren’t there he has unfettered access to playing his video games around the clock. I suspect comfort zone is part of the teen girl’s reason for staying home too. I wish they would join us but at the same time it’s nice knowing someone is keeping our dogs company and walked. I was also home frequently as I’m on tight deadlines this week and not really set up for remote work (my antique computers aren’t luggable).

So this morning additional domestic duties called. On my way into my client’s office I drive to my friend’s house to be greeted by two buck and a doe in the driveway. Birds caw and chirp. Frogs announce their presence. I walk the dog to get the paper and let the cat out of the house. Next I water the plants on the porch, move sheets from washer to dryer, and pick tomatoes and peppers from the garden.

This is a great way to start the day!

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