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Florida produces a winning 2012 presidential candidate

Ryan Lipner wants to be president of the United States but he is only 27 and the Constitution requires a candidate to be 35 years old or older. Is he qualified?

Lipner is known for his obsession with Hallmark stores as a teen and for opening branches without the company’s permission, leading him "to grand theft, bankruptcy, imprisonment, and possibly insanity — all before his 18th birthday," according to a 2001 New Times story.

[Source, Broward Palm Beach NewTimes]

He at least sounds qualified for Congress.

3 thoughts on “Florida produces a winning 2012 presidential candidate

  1. Haha! And I think you have to be 30 to even do that.

  2. (Regarding the 2001 story:)

    Wow, you seldom read a more compelling example of what happens when parents totally abandon all responsibility in raising their child…

    I love this quote “I remember talking to Larry [the dad], saying, “You’ve got to rein this kid in.’ He said, “No, he’s having fun.'”

    For some “parents” (and I use that term lightly in their case), it’s all about letting your kid have fun, let boys be boys, he’s just a kid, what’s the big deal? And being amused by their antics. And for the dad probably a little embarrassed as well at his own shortcomings in business, because the little squirt totally shows him up.

    I find this statement hard to believe, in that “are people really that stoopid?” kind of way:

    “That Lipner, a minor, had been able to enter so easily into lease agreements is a testament to the effectiveness of the fast-talking, brash persona he has cultivated.”

    I can’t believe any business owner, like those that own malls and shopping centers, would let a 16-yr-old with no credit or no collateral, lease a space and put up any old store. What amazing stupidity on the part of these businessmen.

    Ultimately, the story is as much about the failing and incompetence of the adults in the story as it is about the kid…

  3. Well commented! I share your sentiment.

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