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60 Minutes Wikileaks Statement Does Not Match Data

60 Minutes Vanity Fair Poll asks: "What do you think of the activities of WikiLeaks?" and from the answers concludes:

Only 9 percent of Americans think that WikiLeaks is a good thing. Twenty three percent think that it is destructive but legal and 22 percent think it is treasonous. But despite being prominently in the news for weeks for leaking classified documents from The State Department, and worse, for an organization that depends on notoriety to ply its trade, 42 percent of Americans aren’t sure what WikiLeaks is. [Source,, 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll: February Edition]

I’m not sure how their polls work but this statement was published on January 30 for a February poll. At the time I took in, the numbers were entirely contrary to the picture and paragraph they reported with 81% saying wikileaks is a good thing, 9% destructive but legal, 9% treasonous, and only 2% not sure what wikileaks is. Perhaps they sampled their poll early in the results. I view this as some of the manipulative reporting that misleads the average news consumer. Think of the number of people who don’t click the vote button to see the real results. If CBSNews wanted the numbers to remain static, they should have closed to the poll.

2 thoughts on “60 Minutes Wikileaks Statement Does Not Match Data

  1. So basically the Glen Beck types (idiots) voted early, and their votes got dilluted. How do I know they were Glen Beck people. Only somebody dumb enough to like Beck would be dumb enough to think a non-citizen can be arrested for “treason” (if anything it would be espionage, but I guess even CBS isn’t bright enough to realize that since treason was part of the poll).

  2. They should make another poll:

    Is Julian Assange a United States citizen?
    ( ) yes
    ( ) no

    Now that would be interesting!

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