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Thought of the day

Hey! I bought a lottery ticket last night. I wonder if I’m rich.

I played bingo once in Dallas, TX. What I learned was that you might have a winning card but because of the pace of the game, or trying to play too many cards at once, you can overlook the win and give the game away to someone else. So it begs the question, how many times do people buy winning lottery tickets and never check them? I’m not talking necessarily about the jackpot. When millions of dollars go unclaimed, that tends to make the news; but the occasionally win that is not the jackpot could go overlooked. What if I’m sitting on a $200,000 ticket? Wouldn’t my day be a little less stressful, if I knew?

The odds of that being a winning ticket are slim to none. However, the thrill of the possibility of being a winner is well worth the $1 and well worth delaying a glance at the ticket just a while longer.

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