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What’s up with Doug?

2011 was supposed to be the year of "no." I was going to take on little to no new work or volunteer activities (granted, I juggled many more events than normal but that was a blast!) Quite simply, I wanted a year to regroup, simplify, finish off some projects, and make a fresh start in 2012. I’ve mostly done just that. I’m getting my ps and qs in order. I’m evaluating past behaviors and business practices and planning for future improvements.

Has it worked? Well, the house and family I’ve ignored in the name of paying bills is getting more attention (at least for the moment). But like a gas expands to fill a void, so does life expand to fill the time. One of my mantras is "you don’t have time, you make time." Fewer to-dos does not mean more time. So although long overdue personal projects are nearing completion, others are moving in to fill the void. Where’s that leave my head? I’d like to fall off the grid and go to Sedona for a few weeks. But then again, another side of me wants to fully immerse myself into work and do a 48 hour launch of a company. I suppose I’ll end up somewhere in the middle.

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