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Is this really the simple difference between right and left?

Listen to the words of Kirsten Haglund (Miss America 2008) between 3:50 and 3:58. Does she sum up the difference between liberal and conservative beliefs in 8 seconds? If so, I’ll be happy to be labeled left, leftie, liberal, what-have-you. Just push play below and it should already be cued up to 3:50.

But it’s a basic difference in world view in that usually liberals and people on the left, Secular Humanists, believe that human nature is ultimately good. But conservatives believe it’s not.

[Source, Youtube, Fox News – Elmo & Big Bird Are Too Liberal & Make Gay Boys Want To Be Prom Queens quote by Kirsten Haglund 3:50-3:58]

I do believe in the goodness of people.

1 thought on “Is this really the simple difference between right and left?

  1. people think we have no moral good in us, yet they say god will save us?
    Either harming other people is wrong, in which case God is unnecessary, or harming people is acceptable, in which case God’s admonitions are misguided.
    -Greg Graffin
    UCLA professor in evolution, singer of Bad Religion, and author of Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God
    think about it, it makes no sense. makes things seem much better by endorsing an age old story that is no better than a fairly tale.
    they say they promote peace through religion, yet the countries that are the least religious tend to have the most law-abiding and generous citizens.
    -Refrence: Paul Zuckerman, “Atheism: Contemporary Numbers and Pattenrs,” in Michael Martin, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Atheism (New York: Camberidge University Press, 2007) 47-65.

    you must love right wing logic… *cough* idiocy *cough*

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