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Why do we blog?

I’m a stream-of-consciousness blogger. That is, I journal at Reality Me. I make political commentary. And inappropriate jokes. And document my family’s escapades, adventures, trills and tribulations. But to believe my site statistics (the traffic search engines send this way), I blog at Reality Me to answer "Who is Chuck Testa?," to explain "The Realtek 8201CL does not require a driver!," to debate the safety of putting family stickers on cars, and to explore the fetish of naked women yielding chain saws.

So, why does my wife, Cathy, blog at Domestic Psychology? To believe the search engines, specifically Google, Cathy is the authority on "Why is Caillou bald? Well, at least until yesterday when the publisher generously answered the question in a comment. As a web developer, I recognize the effort by the publisher to regain control of the number one search engine result for the question "Why is Caillou bald?" Whoever was hired to do Chouette Publishing’s SEO did their job very well. As of yesterday, Cathy dropped from number one to number two in Google’s results.

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