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R.I.P. Qik

Qik is being shuttered on April 30, 2014. Qik was undoubtedly one of my favorite video sharing sites. None of its competitors made is as easy to take a video and upload it from your phone. Qik encouraged vidcasting. Bamuser and ustream have never had the same feel for me.

Crunchbase shows Qik’s competitors as Kyte, Flixwagon, Livecast, Next2Friends, Bambuser, Ustream, Justin.TV, and Streamup.

So, what happened to Qik? Skype bought them in 2011. We saw Qik Premium and Qik Desktop with great promise. There was growth. And then silence. The last Twitter post was January 2012. In May of 2011, Microsoft bought Skype. Qik had ben borg’d.

From the Qik service retiring FAQ:

Why are you retiring Qik?
We are retiring Qik as the Qik video messaging technology has now been incorporated into Skype. Users can now enjoy a great experience on Skype with features such as audio and video calling, instant messaging and video messaging with contacts in their Skype and Microsoft networks.

[Source,, Qik service retiring in April 2014 – IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ]

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WordPress Hooks, Actions and Filters – Modifying the Publish function

I’m writing a child theme to twentyeleven and want to modify the administrative post "Publish" function to do some additional processing during the saving of a new post. Does anyone know if there is a hook, action or filter that will allow me to extend the Publish function?

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RIP No Silence Here

I cannot seem to get a comment to post on the Knoxnews blog No Silence Here.

"I’m told it will cease to exist." That’s a terrible shame. Blogs, content, are history. Like newspapers of old were archived on microfiche, so should blogs such as No Silence Here be forever archived.

Good luck to you Michael! Thank you for the years of inspiration, links, and ideas.

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Why do we blog?

I’m a stream-of-consciousness blogger. That is, I journal at Reality Me. I make political commentary. And inappropriate jokes. And document my family’s escapades, adventures, trills and tribulations. But to believe my site statistics (the traffic search engines send this way), I blog at Reality Me to answer "Who is Chuck Testa?," to explain "The Realtek 8201CL does not require a driver!," to debate the safety of putting family stickers on cars, and to explore the fetish of naked women yielding chain saws.

So, why does my wife, Cathy, blog at Domestic Psychology? To believe the search engines, specifically Google, Cathy is the authority on "Why is Caillou bald? Well, at least until yesterday when the publisher generously answered the question in a comment. As a web developer, I recognize the effort by the publisher to regain control of the number one search engine result for the question "Why is Caillou bald?" Whoever was hired to do Chouette Publishing’s SEO did their job very well. As of yesterday, Cathy dropped from number one to number two in Google’s results.

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Heard in 5 states!

What was I doing this morning between 9am and 10am? Hanging out with Bob Thomas, Ed Brantley, Mike Howard, and Brian Hornback on WNOX‘s The Ed and Bob Show! I had a blast! I hope they do this segment again. I think we could have talked for 8 hours on various blogging topics. Shoot, privacy and safety could be an entire show.

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Tune in tomorrow 9-10am

Radio tower detailTomorrow, April 6, 2011 from 9am to 10am, I’ll be discussing blogging with Brian Hornback (Twitter: @brianhornback), Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas on WNOX‘s 100.3 The Ed & Bob Show (listen live online). You can interact with Ed and Bob on Facebook and Twitter. I suspect you can call in with questions or feel free to use twitter to send messages to @djuggler or post in comments here. This will be a blast!