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Wind River – July 15

Start (9900). Highline Trail joins Pyramid Lake Trail: Go Right (North). Hike North on Pyramid Lake Trail for 3.5 miles. (Ignore Shadow Lake trail branching off to the East after 1.5 miles. Ignore Washakie Lake Trail Branching off to East after 2.5 miles). Take Hailey Pass Northeast for 3.5 miles.
Hailey’s pass Trail takes you over the Continental Divide at 11,200 ft and back down to Grave Lake at 10,000 ft. (7 mi total, 1,300 Gain. 1,200 loss. 2,500 ft total change)
Campsite 2 (10,000ft): Just East of Grave Lake, along or near Hailey Pass Trail.

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