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Saturday Dad

It’s the first day of a long weekend. Monday is a holiday. I’m trying to maintain my cool despite the stress I am under to complete client projects and personal projects. I feel hamstrung by some of the service people in my life who have failed to come through. A surveyor who hasn’t come out to mark my property lines. An hvac person who hasn’t found the time to consult with me. My attorney is being slow to answer some questions. My electrician … well… my electrician is waiting on me to commit to the project.

As a father, it is difficult to remember that despite giving your children the same instruction 29999 times that they don’t truly remember the instructions until you’ve given it to them 30000 times. But this is how they learning. Today I watched my son start to use the weed eater without eye protection. Apparently he doesn’t remember his grandfather’s trip to the emergency room.

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