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I took the high road

This morning I was the lead car at a traffic light. As it turned green, a car zipped around me and pulled into my lane in front of me. My blood boiled. As we approached the next light, the car signaled and without waiting for an opening cut off the car beside me to squeeze into the right lane. I put my car in park, got out and approached his car. With angry words already composed in my head, I raised my first to pound on his window, but before I did, I noticed his company uniform and I considered the time. I imagined he is probably trying to get to work 3 minutes ago, possibly on his last reprimand with a boss who does not understand his obligation to his family. Perhaps he is a single dad trying desperately to get his child or children to school and fighting traffic to get to work on time for a check that maybe barely makes the bills. I lowered my hand and walked back to my car. Perhaps he saw. I’d like to think that he did not. I do not need to add to this gentleman’s stress.

The next time you are ready to lash out, take pause and consider the other person’s situation. Perhaps today we are all better without the confrontation.

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