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Telecommuting Advocate No More?

I have a deadline today. I cannot find the document I need to complete my deadline. A cat wrestles my shoe lace. Another cat climbs my leg to pounce the shoe lace warrior. My eldest son turns on the Keurig gurgle gurgle whoooskipsh drop drop drop. He needs to tell me in great detail about his accolades at work and I begrudgingly listen while having my work interrupted. My youngest son roller skates through the house. Not a quiet task. He babbles at me and rolls off. The dogs come stomping in and one pokes her nose into my ribs to announce her presence.

I’m a huge telecommuting advocate. I believe so much can be fixed by encouraging telecommuting. We can do just as much business as we do today with much less infrastructure. Less need for buildings. Less need for road expansion. Fewer cars on the road meaning cleaner environment. Happier lives. I can go on and on.

The challenge with telecommuting becomes managing your family. Basically it requires a separate room. I’ve started to believe that I need to rent a small office down the road or buy the house beside me. But that thinking negates some of the benefits to begin with.

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