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Are you real?

My answer to Scott Jordan’s question "So, how close are you to your online persona?" (see also Facebook):

I’ve always said that the online persona is but a keyhole view of the real person’s life. That said, I am who I am. I tell my children not to lie because it is difficult to live to lives (the truth, and the lie which must co-exist). As such, what I post reflects me. As a humorist, that is not to say I do not embellish or intentionally provocative. In the real world, I might be a little less open with my opinions (particularly in business circumstances in this Biblebelt southern town). I’ve seen many a social climber in real life put on facades. In wealthy Germantown, TN, there were elegant homes with manicured lawns with no furniture inside because the home owners were mortgaged to the hilt for impressions. I won’t live that way in the real or virtual world.

I am who I am. And I hope that is agreeable to most.

I implore those who disagree with my opinions online, or take a distaste to me online, to meet me in person to see if they see the real world (IRL) person differently. We can disagree on politics, religion, lifestyle, and many other things, and still like each other.

I have few filters online. You know me.

I wrote this About Me many years ago and it seems to have stood the test of time:
I also wrote an excerpt for my employers:

[Source, Google+, Scott Jordan]

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