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They call this Saturday

PayPal Securekey incard nagraid ict dispkaycardMiraculously the dogs and cats allow me to sleep in a little. Still, I’m up before 8am. I glance at the computer. I’ve left a page open to remind myself that I have to renew my account before tomorrow. It’s a quick task so I refresh the page to make sure I’m logged in. Reach into my Scottevest and grab my Paypal Security Key. Log into Paypal. I’m a little confused when it doesn’t prompt me for my 6 digit authentication number but I complete the transaction anyway. As I begin to click, I realize I’ve inadvertently logged into a client’s Paypal account. But I’ve already stepped on the landmine. The only thing I can do is release the mouse button. The click has happened. I curse my lack of coffee! I’ve charged $25 to my client’s paypal account. The only way to reverse the charge is from the merchant who is half way around the world and probably not reading email on a Saturday. I send frantic emails to Maciej Ceglowski, the genius behind then I eat some humble pie and draft an email to my client.

What next? I step away from the computer, prepare breakfast, have that coffee and decide to wash the car. What could go wrong?

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