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Typical Monday

  1. Philips HUE lights fade on at 5:30 am.
  2. I curse the day
  3. Turn off Philips HUE lighting and reset light alarm for 5:55 am.
  4. 5:55am curse the day
  5. Let the dog(s) out
  6. Wake the kids
  7. Feed the cats
  8. Feed the kids
  9. Tell the kids, "Dad is going to get dressed" which they know means "Dad is going to sleep another 20 minutes."
  10. Wake up and curse the day
  11. Take one child to the bus stop
  12. Return home and make sure the other child goes to the bus stop
  13. Curse the day
  14. Drive to work
  15. Pass the elementary school and bemoan it’s transition from academic institution to penitentiary due to 9/11 fears (have commentary with self about the terrorists winning)
  16. Turn on NPR to hear more commentary about humans hating humans
  17. Drive to Starbucks and observe the escalation of the parking lot wars between Starbucks and Shell and let commentary run in head about how a cooperative approach could net them both more business but instead they are hurting each other because humans
  18. Curse myself for buying breakfast instead of making an economical breakfast at home and not bringing my lunch
  19. Drive toward work and mentally berate self
  20. Get to work exhausted and ponder why Monday’s suck

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