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Weekend thus far

This is the end of a three day weekend. I took Friday, my birthday off, to try to have a reflective day, a day of reconciliation, to recenter myself. Essentially, I wanted to sit on a mountaintop and think. I also wanted to use the day to close out some projects (mostly home projects including major cleaning and decluttering). Instead, I slept in, ate lunch (which was great), and shopped. Saturday was giving our old futon back to World Futon so they could refurbish it and pass it onto a needy family or sell it for profit; regardless, it did not end up in a landfill. Then I went to the Apple store in search of a miniTOSlink to TOSlink cable with much failure. After I get the cable, I’ll connect the Airport Express to our soundbar for AirPlaying our iTunes libraries. The rest of Saturday was devoted to Halloween costume shopping then relaxation. Sunday morning, I wanted to arise early and plan tomorrow’s scout meeting (which really should be planned a month or two in advance..yes I create unnecessary stress upon myself). Instead, I slept in a little bit but rose early enough to get caught up on The Walking Dead without exposing Cathy to it. Afterwards, I started planning the scout meeting but digressed into playing with my new Macbook Pro. I really haven’t explored it much. I have such great plans! Xcode is now installed. The children came home earlier than expected so we turned our attention to costume making. Now you are caught up.

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