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The escapades begin

Once again, National Lampoon’s film crew is with us bright and early. The McCaughan’s are going on vacation! We are off to visit my 96 year old grandmother and other relatives for Thanksgiving. We’ve rented a tank, er, Suburban that is completely tricked out. The driver’s seat provides haptic feedback, vibrating whenever backing too close to an object, or vibrating just on the left side when crossing the center line, or vibrating on the right side when crossing the shoulder marker, and apparently the windscreen illuminates red when approaching a vehicle too quickly (despite trying, I haven’t proven that one yet). We will travel in the snowstorm created by the nor’easter which certainly will not interfere with our 7pm dinner reservations. Our house sitter is prepped and our crew is excited with our earliest riser at 5am and all following by 6am except the zombie 24 year old who despite my pleas decided to stay up in the night playing video games. We shall see if he actually makes it to the car.

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