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The morning thus far

Woke at 4am to walk the dog. Woke at 6:05am to wake the children. Over breakfast, dreamed of DIY and teaching my children all the things that I haven’t. Spent yesterday realizing that a half a decade has gone by send I taught my children Diamoku but never went beyond that. I want to teach them mindfulness. I have dozens of posts I want to blog. I want to revamp my blog to show all my content feeds. I want to refine my content feeds and get video casting and podcasting on a schedule with topics and introduce Amy and Evan to podcasting. Went to the elementary school to get a picture of the color guard doing the flags. Helped them but forgot to get the picture. Did a little programming on a client website. I downloaded Duolingo to my cellphone and began a Spanish lesson but realized I shouldn’t be doing that while driving. Committed myself mentally to completing my HAM radio license. Began listening to the latest episode of A Buddhist Podcast.

A great start to the day!

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