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Parenting conundrum – responsibility vs responsibility

Evan has a friend visiting. As a responsible parent, I want to give them fun activities that may be different from the norm. I’d like to play Dungeons and Dragons with them, or Munchkin, or Risk, or Axis and Allies. Or perhaps do a science experiment. Or a dozen other things. But they are entertaining themselves on the Xbox and seem very happy. My mind drifts to my other responsibilities. Should I clean? Work on home repair? I’ve been working on a client’s project. It has consumed my evenings and weekends for weeks. I need to find more work. I need to balance my books and do bureaucratic adult stuff. I’d like to read a book, or watch tv, or curl up into a ball and rock back and forth. I should go for a run, or play guitar, or juggle fire, or meditate. I have volunteer responsibilities to do for the scouts. I need to update records, confirm headcounts, and send out emails. I need to update one of my websites to make it generate revenue. I want to write, to publish, to create. Ah, I think I’ll sit.

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