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A sample of my tech life

I use tools in my life that just feel like breathing to me. Thought it might be interesting to list the tools I use in a typical day. Tools include hardware and software. Today I used:

  • Amazon Echo to turn off lights, check the weather, and check the time.
  • I used Siri to send text messages while I was driving.
  • I used Siri to find information on the web.
  • I used Dreamweaver for coding as well as Notepad++
  • I used Microsoft SQL Server Management Console
  • Visual Studio 2013 and Crystal Reports
  • I wrote code in Adobe’s Coldfusion, PHP, and ASP.NET’s c#.
  • I wrote stored procedures in MS SQL and data manipulations in MySQL.
  • I used Terminal to change ownership and permissions on files.
  • I used multiple email clients.
  • I chaired a change advisory board using a watered down version of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • I used Zoom for video conferencing and screen sharing in two different meetings.
  • I configured a WordPress installation including customizations of plugins and writing my own functions for a child theme of the Advanced Newspaper theme.
  • I used Coin (a single credit card which consolidates my other credits cards into one) for payment
  • I used the Narrative camera for life logging with photographs
  • I used Github Desktop for version control on one machine and Subversion for version control on another.
  • I explored automating parts of my life with Alfred App’s workflows and Automator as well as Jenkins and Selenium.
  • I used YNAB for budgeting and Hootesuite, Skype, Facebook Messenger, iOS Messenger, and Twitter for communications.

There was more but I am tired.

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