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I play the lottery for fun

Sometimes I see a little fantasy in purchasing a lottery ticket. When I do play, usually I buy a Powerball or Megamillions since the numbers are huge and the dreams match in scale. I rarely buy scratch offs. This week I purchased a $5 scratch off ticket. I enjoyed revealing the numbers needed to be matched and then uncovering the individual numbers. This ticket won $25! Great return on investment. Did I keep the money? An extra $20 in my pocket? NO! $5 was the cost of admission. I purchased a $25 scratch off. Who does that?! $25! I proceed to scratch off the numbers needed to match. Then I under cover each of the potential matching numbers. Sure enough one hits. I uncover the prize to reveal $10. But I’m confused. A friend once told me a winning ticket will never be less than the value of the ticket. Ah, a 2nd number matched! Another $10. Still less than the $25 cost of the ticket. And then a third hit. This $25 ticket turned into a $30 winner. $5 bonus. Wait, my initial investment was $5 so I’m $25 ahead! Do I quit? Of course not. I paid my $5 for this ride. So I turn the ticket in for a $30 scratch off. Alas, my luck ran out and no numbers matched. Was I disappointed? Initially but then I remembered I paid only $5 and received far more than that in the pleasure of playing the game. I walked away $5 poorer rather than $25 richer but I had fun and that is why I occasionally play the lottery.

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