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RIP Narrative

The Narrative camera was a pre-purchase, Kickstarter style, project I backed. I was in early and really enjoyed the product. It started as a very small, light weight and durable wearable camera which took a 5 megapixel photograph every 30 seconds. Eventually we were able to change the time to as little as every 10 seconds. The battery would last all day and captured numerous candid and awesome photos of scouting events and my daily life. I particularly enjoyed wearing the camera, forgetting about it, immersing myself in the event, and later enjoying great photos to enhance my memory. As for the durability, I once had the camera fall off my shirt and ran over it with a pallet jack pushing it along the concrete 3 feet before realizing it was under the wheel. Barely a scratch! The Narrative really is a great product. It’s a shame the company failed. Maybe GoPro will pick them up.

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