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And the vacation comes to a close…with a missing sweater

I thought today would be a perfect day to wear my favorite cashmere sweater. Unfortunately, it has gone missing. Hopefully, I find it in the car. Sorta defines these past two weeks. See, I’ve been on a working vacation. That would be two weeks off of the day job to solely focus on the side job. It was a wonderful vacation. Had plenty of positive experiences (mostly centered around family fun), some negative (my 11-year-old received frostbite on his fingertips and I felt like a cad), and good progress on my project (albeit, the intention was to have it completed before this morning…it isn’t).

My vacation plans had been this: Do everything in my power to finish my side project BEFORE the vacation began. Spend the vacation working on the house and spending time with my family. Unfortunately, software doesn’t always cooperate. I’m very close to having it wrapped up. My software muse is in good spirits. Let the code flow!

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