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Cooking for the week

For most of 2017, I planned diner as I rushed home from work. It was inefficient and a costly way to prepare food often resulting in buying precooked food from grocery stores or restaurants.

I have graduated to preparing meals a week in advance. I hope to eventually prepare a month in advance. Currently I only prepare dinners. My next step will be to add lunches for the week. As I work toward monthly preparation, I will start using coupons and more strategic shopping.

I have now grown my own lettuce indoors and learned much doing so. I want to add to tomatoes but think rosemary and other herbs will Be next. By 2019, I hope to be growing most of our vegetables in the house or in a greenhouse. I am optimistic.

First meal complete.

Second meal complete. Hamburgers:

Two more meals ready. Taco meat for tacos and rosemary chicken:

Tonight’s meal. Rosemary chicken, portobello mushrooms, and roast squash and zucchini:

Lastly, chicken prepared for chicken noodle soup:

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