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Sunday, end of Spring Break

This week has been amazing. Amy went to Disney World from Friday to Tuesday. Evan, Cathy, and I went to Disney from Monday to Friday. I slept through Friday and spent Saturday tearing out the rest of the flooring in the basement that I’d spent the past year and a half putting down. We still found water under the floor from the February 23rd flood. A month later with dampness but no harm to the Nucore flooring. Amazing stuff.
Sunday’s focus is delivering for neglected clients on three projects, planning a scout meeting, balancing my books, and bringing the flooring in from outside where it has been drying since rains are coming again. It would be nice to begin putting the floor down but that’s dependent upon completing my programming. This time I am putting an underlayment down. Previously the manufacturer said none was necessary but this gives further moisture protection as well as sound damping and more insulation for a better temperature in the basement.

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