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Jan 3, 2022 – Too many calendars

I have to keep up with my personal calendar, my children’s various school calendars, my son’s athletic calendar, my family calendar, three different Scouts BSA calendars, my work calendar, my dry erase calendar, my Hobonichi Techo calendar, a holiday calendar, my Google calendar, and probably a couple I’ve forgotten. Not all of these allow for importing via ICS or linking via a url. So the first Monday of each month, I check all calendars to make sure they are in sync for the month. I also give a look ahead to the next 3 months and a glance over the next year.
Each day before I go to sleep, I introspectively examine how the day went and update any journal notes then I look ahead to the following day to ensure I’m prepared, and I glance over the rest of the week.
Each Sunday, ala Stephen R Covey’s First Things First, I review my previous week, examine my seven roles, give consideration to Sharpen the Saw (mental, physical, spiritual, and social/emotional), and set my principle centered goals for the upcoming week.
I prefer my calendaring on paper. It doubles as a permanent journal and is easier to look up past events than in an electronic medium which could purge past events on some IT policy’s whim. Plus writing with fountain pens is such a pleasure. There are advantages to digital calendars so I tend to keep electronic and paper in sync.
My weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday.

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