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Fugging Elle

When I was 8 years old my best friend and I stood in the woods near our homes and recited every curse word we knew. And I decided I didn’t want to talk that way. I made it one goddamned year. I have turned vulgarities into poetry. My mastery of the art can make a sailor cry. I know expletives that most people probably have never heard.
I did not make New Year’s resolutions but I did decide to clean up my mouth. I made it about 4 hours into 2022 before that fell to the wayside. Frankly, my life has too many frustrations to pretend that dirty words don’t exist and that four-letter-words are not entwined in my DNA.
Ah! Here’s an example. Need to email a file. Try to go to the web browser version of Outlook and it cannot be reached. Let’s sneakernet it to the work laptop. Put USB drive into Mac and copy file. Put USB into the work PC and nothing appears. Do my best Samuel L Jackson impersonation and the drive appears. Computers require cursing to function properly.
And thank you Internet! (gotta love the BBC)

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