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All your database are belong to us

Woot! Success! In the Fall of 2022 when my ancient MacBook Pro’s logic board gave out the ghost, I thought my career had ended. Friends and family came to the rescue and I now work on a Windows 11 PC for my Microsoft development and an iMac for my creative development. But since the processor changed from Intel to ARM, I’ve had to reinstall all my applications. I accidentally installed MySQL8 when I’d been working on MySQL5.7. Neither ran. No matter the configuration or uninstalls and reinstalls via Homebrew or by hand, I could not get MySQL to run. Today I overcame that and have MySQL5.7 running. I will be upgrading to MySQL8 after I make sufficient backups etc. and debate whether or not I want both 5.7 and 8 running so that I can switch between them (don’t really see the need). Next up: Ruby.

ps. There sort of problems are so much easier to fix when you read the documentation and error logs.

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