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Today’s Letter to Tim Burchett

Every time Tim Burchett sends a tweet, I email him a response. Ok, not every time, but as frequently as time permits.

I am a constituent of Tim Burchett and want him to stop embarrassing Tennessee. On March 31, 2023 at 12:12pm Mr. Burchett tweeted “Americans of any political party should be scared. The rule of law doesn’t exist when a former President is indicted like this. Bragg made his intentions clear before he was in the DA’s office- and this will take a toll on our country.”

Mr. Burchett is wrong! The rule of law exists because no one person stands above the law and a criminal like Donald Trump must be held accountable for his illegal activities. The reason we should be scared is that people such as Mr. Burchett work in positions of power within our government while clearly not understanding his own responsibilities. What is scary is that Mr. Burchett lacks the moral integrity to see to it that the criminals of the previous administration are prosecuted including the January insurrectionists which includes Mr. Burchett.

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