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I live in your future!

When time and money have permitted, I’ve been early adopter of technology. I’ve been toying around with the GPT-3 AI (artificial intelligence). Today I’m stepping up into GPT-4 and basically replacing search engines with AI. Instead of defaulting to Google or DuckDuckGo, I’m going straight to GPT-4. I will be using GPT-4 as a tool instead of a toy. My plan is to document the journey when appropriate. For instance, I’ll use it not to write blog entries but to create writing prompts. I’ll use it not to make my meals for me (obviously we aren’t quite there yet) but to help me plan my menus (“I have this that and the other thing in the pantry. Please plan a breakfast lunch and dinner menu for the next 3 days using only the available ingredients. In addition to the menu, create the step by step recipe for each meal. Be sure to adhere to current nutritional recommendation for 4 people of ages ___, __, __, and ___. Each meal should include an entree and at least one side dish.”). I’ll use it not to do my work for me but as a peer programmer to minimize the research needed for my job. For example, the other evening I had an error in one of my side projects. The AI found the error and offered a correction in 30 seconds. On the other hand, I asked the AI for an Excel spreadsheet formula and it completely botched the formula. You still need to have skills and know what your are doing. AI is a tool to assist in your life and work. It will give you a leg up and an advantage over those not adopting it. You do not have to worry about being replaced by AI…yet.

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