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A new me

In my twenties, I enjoyed exercising. I would wake at 4am and be at Court South at 5am with the morning crowd waiting for the doors to open. I’d use the dry sauna, stretch, run the track, use the free weights, sometimes swim and other times play racquetball then finish in the steam-room and possibly ride my bike to work. I never felt better. Then life got in the way.

I also used to stretch 20-30 minutes in the morning and again in the evenings. I loved my flexibility. At one point, I gave many of my friends and family a Go set and a stretching book by Bob Anderson which was basically the only stretching book at the time because yoga had not taken off and there was no yoga section in the bookstores.

I lament letting myself go. So tomorrow, April 12, 2023, I begin a journey to get in shape. I invite your commentary and suggestions knowing that I am very limited on time and regularly do not have access to a car. I do have access to a rowing machine and a chest strap heart rate monitor. Let’s get me to drop 20 to 30 pounds, add on muscle and tone, and make my body lean again.

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