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That was awkward

We have a young mother who walks in front of our house with her stroller several times a day. Annie, the golden retriever, always barks at her.

This morning I let the dog out for a walk, off leash, and just happened to go out in the yard with her. I see stroller mom approaching so I begin to place myself between stroller mom and Annie. And I say, “Don’t you do it.” I see a gleam in Annie’s eye and assume she is about to bolt so I quicken my step, slip on the grass, land palm down on our gravel driveway and roll onto my back as I complete my fall. Then a sweet voice says, “Are you okay?” And I reply, “Yup. She’s going to come visit you.”

Annie instead of running in a scary charge as normal hesitantly walks toward stroller mom while glancing my way then comes back to me.

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