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Re-establishing good habits

I use several tools to keep myself organized and functioning. I do not rely on my memory. I journal. I log. I need lists. I use project management tools. I research in tools such as Scrivener. I mind map in tools such as Scapple. And I use a Hobonichi Techo as a paper planner/journal (with fountain pens!) with First Things First principle centered time management. I also use Omnifocus which is modeled for Getting Things Done.

I’ve let OmniFocus slip. Rather than using it as GTD, I’ve allowed it to become a lengthy check list. I’m working on closing out the projects and tasks that I’ve had in there forever. I’m going to set some rules for what may appear in OmniFocus and everything else will move to other tools. If it is a “someday” task then it does not belong in OmniFocus. If the project is not being actively worked, it can move to Redmine or Kanboard or some repository of wishful thinking.

Time to get some things done!

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