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HVAC status for the curious

HVAC status for the curious. Life got in the way. It is very difficult to shop for things while trying to meet work obligations and deadlines. Ergo, we are still without air conditioning. The borrowed portable AC has been a life saver. Dehumidifiers have saved our possessions.

Hiller came back with the “yeah, we are pricier than everyone else” quote on an inadequate unit. I’ve asked them to re-quote a 16 seer and a 20 seer unit and come back with a better price.

A new friend, one of your referrals, has mentioned that he can get our existing unit working much cheaper. However, my unit was installed in 2007 so I’m thinking rather than throw money at a 16 year old heat pump that I need to just replace the entire unit. I’ll be reaching out to you for a quote since homeowners requires that in writing.

I’ll be getting a couple of other quotes but I’m not going to get carried away. I’d rather overpay and just get this over with than continue to live like this (I know…1st world problems).

Next steps:
1) Look up the specifics of the tax break
2) File a claim with homeowners and get an insurance adjuster out here
3) Get a couple of competitive quotes
4) Get the new unit installed asap
5) Build a wood shed

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