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Some days you just need a new fountain pen

Woke up this morning thinking, “I need a dedicated fountain pen for red ink.” Now, I have a dedicated fountain pen for red ink. It is a Knox Galileo I bought from Birmingham Pens and is an amazing pen. The nib is great. The weight is perfect. And it writes well. Unfortunately, the ink evaporates from the pen pretty quickly so I basically don’t use it any more.

I recently purchased a TWSBI Eco as a dedicated pen for my invisible ink. I’m a big fan of the TWSBI Diamond 580 ALs so my expectation was higher than the Eco. Don’t get me wrong. The Eco is a great step up from a Pilot Metropolitan or a Lamy Safari…Hmm.. Perhaps the Eco is on par with the Lamy Safari. You know, right up until this moment I’ve always placed the Pilot Metropolitan and Lamy Safari on the same level as starter pens but honestly I have to put the Lamy Safari on a higher bar. Yes, the Lamy Safari and TWSBI Eco are pretty much in the same class. I probably won’t buy another Eco. But I could see buying a TWSBI Diamond 580 AL with an extra fine nib as a dedicated red pen.

Now… what should we do about purple?

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