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Paper wins

My favorite journaling is done on paper. I cannot search it as I could a blog but I find that I consistently can find information with relative ease. I use the Momento app for journaling privately on my phone. Just went back to review a day from 2023 and the pictures failed to load. I felt a loss at that. Similarly, links on the web die, youtube videos disappear, etc. I like how and keep cached copies of sites that I can return to. I wish WordPress had a similar feature. I’m a curator. While I appreciate the ephemeral, I prefer preservation. Is it the hoarder in me? I prefer to think of it as the historian in me. I began journaling because I didn’t want to lose memories. Ah, but that’s living in the past! No, that is appreciating where you came from. Reading the letters I wrote to my daughter when she was born brings tears to my eyes. I wish I had not slacked on that practice. Oh! There it is. Found the note I was looking for in my paper techo. Time to write some notes in my paper journal.

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