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One step forward, three steps back

I should have spent my weekend working two 8 hour shifts. Instead, I spent it mostly building pipes to replace the rusted out galvanized steel pipes from the kitchen to the basement and snaking the cast iron pipe in the concrete foundation.

Good news! In the end, I was able to run 8 gallons of water through the pipe.

Bad news. I have no idea where the water went because it never made it to the sewer cleanout just outside the house. Well, I know where it went. It went into the ground because the pipes have collapsed and the plumbing snake came back with clay all over it.

I really need a month dedicated to working on my house. It would help if I could bring in a 20 foot shipping container for storage of stuff in the house as well as building supplies. It would doubly help if I owned a truck or SUV and put new wheels on my trailer. All of this needs to happen in the next 3 weeks which perfectly coincides with an absolute overloaded work schedule that will have me working night and day. And of course, they sold my $1.3billion lottery ticket to someone else…again.

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