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My favorite site,, has been down for two days! Popurls is an aggregator of news feeds. It’s geek crack. If the site every comes back, and you aren’t careful, you can lose a day of your life just clicking links. With the site down, it’s like going to your drug dealer and being told he’s out. Anyone know why Popurls is missing?

Update: Just down for maintenance.

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Boozin’ Bozo is your m-f’ing friend

I have too many friends who will enjoy this brilliance by Billie Ballantine? to not post. That said, if you are 18 or under, don’t watch this video. If you have sensitive ears, don’t watch this video (language warning). If you are afraid of clowns, don’t watch…hell, watch this video, Boozin’ Bozo? is your M-F friend!


"Totally insane is an Original Composition Written, Produced and Performed by Billie Ballantine
Back Beat by Jordon Reese"

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I’ll see your free two years and raise you a degree

Haslam now has Tennessee paying for the first two years at any community college. Sounds great right? Well Germany just raised the bar!

All German universities are now free to Americans and all other international students. The last German state to charge tuition at its universities struck down the fees this week.

[Source, CBD Moneywatch, Where to get a free college degree]

Best of all, my son already has his passport!

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What generation are you?

Traditionalist, born between 1925 and 1945
Baby-boomer, born between 1946 and 1964
Generation X, born between 1965 and 1981
Millennial, born between 1982 and 2000

And anyone boom after 2000 is living without a label.

Ok, I concede. Post 2000s generation is a generation with a label in flux. Their labels are Generation Z, iGeneration, iGen, and post-millennials. As for the years, there is no agreement on the exact dates of the generation with some sources starting it from the mid or late 1990s (note the overlap with Millennials) or from the mid 2000s (leaving the beginning 2000s unlabeled..poor lost generation). (Src)

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Good light show coming…you just won’t be able to talk about it

Watch for some fascinating Northern Lights coming this Friday.

Satellites have just detected a powerful X1.6-class solar flare. The source was active sunspot AR2158, which is directly facing Earth. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash. Ionizing radiation from the flare could cause HF radio blackouts and other communications disturbances, especially on the day-lit side of Earth. In the next few hours, when coronagraph data from SOHO and STEREO become available, we will see if a coronal mass ejection (CME) emerges from the blast site. If so, the cloud would likely be aimed directly at Earth and could reach our planet in 2 to 3 days.

[Source, Slashdot, X-Class Solar Flare Coming Friday]

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R.I.P. HipDial

Another free service bites the dust.


I wanted to let you know personally, that we’re discontinuing the free HipDial service one week from now on September 17th. It turned out that it wasn’t economical to give the service away for free, after all. If you’re not interested in using HipDial moving forward, you can safely ignore this email.

If you’d like, I can set you up with a month-long free trial of our paid service, at a specially discounted rate of $9/month (instead of $19). Just send me a quick response to this email and I’ll get you set up. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can do for you.

Cheers, Jonas

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The 7 Stages of Knoxville’s Lottery Win

Last night, someone in Knoxville won $259 million on the Powerball lottery! Here is what happened in Knoxville this morning:

  1. Shock or Disbelief: "No one in Knoxville ever wins!"
  2. Denial: "It has to be me. I won’t look at the ticket and when no one else claims it I’ll know I didn’t lose. Argh, I looked and my numbers didn’t match. I’ll put the ticket in my desk drawer and check again later. It’ll be the winning ticket then."
  3. Anger: "Why’d I look at the ticket! If I hadn’t looked, it would have been me! I hope the person who won loses their ticket."
  4. Bargaining: "If only I had bought two tickets. Then I would have won half. Since I didn’t win $259 million, I’ll buy two tickets Saturday and win $40 million."
  5. Guilt: "I really shouldn’t have hoped the winner loses their ticket. After all, I might know them."
  6. Depression: "My life will never be the same without that $259 million."
  7. Acceptance and Hope: "Statistically the odds were against anyone in Knoxville winning. The odds that I know the winner are much higher. I hope I know the winner!"
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Comcast and other big broadband companies seek to destroy the Internet

Bit battles becoming bad between bumbling broadband billionaires begging before bureaucrats budding bigger billionaires by breaking beneficial businesses before bludgeoning bourgeois’ bandwidth.

Level 3, a tier 1 Internet service provider based in Colorado, has called out Comcast, Charter, Time Warner Cable and other top U.S. ISPs…

“They are deliberately harming the service they deliver to their paying customers,” Taylor wrote. "They are not allowing us to fulfil the requests their customers make for content."

[Source, BGR, Level 3 calls out Comcast, TWC and others for ‘deliberately harming’ their own broadband service]