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Were there any children or elderly in the movie idiocracy?

The wife asked this question so I posed it to and this was the amazing answer:

No, there were no children or elderly shown in the 2006 satirical sci-fi movie Idiocracy.

The movie depicts a dystopian future society populated entirely by young and middle-aged adults who behave in crude, anti-intellectual, and hyper-commercialized ways.

In the beginning of Idiocracy, the main character Corporal Joe Bauers (played by Luke Wilson) takes part in a military hibernation experiment along with a prostitute named Rita (played by Maya Rudolph). They wake up 500 years later to find that society has become incredibly lazy and stupid.

The movie shows Bauers and Rita exploring this world of the future where commercialism and instant gratification reign supreme. All the people they encounter appear to be under age 50 or so. No children or elderly people are ever shown or mentioned.

The underlying message of the film is that higher birth rates among less intelligent people combined with a lack of intellectualism has resulted in this youth-obsessed, crass culture. So the total absence of young kids and senior citizens emphasizes how extreme and monolithic this future society portrayed in Idiocracy has become.

So in short – no, there is no sign or mention of children or the elderly in the over-the-top fictional world depicted in Mike Judge’s movie. Just an overly consumeristic youth culture run amok.