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Respect the single parents

I don’t know how single parents like AtomicTumor (or is he?) manage to work and still be such awesome parents. With two of us, sometimes I don’t feel like there is enough parent or energy to meet the demands of the children much less the demands of the children and work! And some mornings there is this game that goes on. Evan wakes and announces himself and I lay in bed waiting for Cathy to get up while she lays in bed waiting for me to get up. I always lose this game; after all, I’m the morning person.

We should all reach out to the single parents in our lives and offer to care for their children one Friday night so that they can sleep in on a Saturday morning. I bet they’d love that! Don’t get me wrong. Nothing is better than spending time with the children but everyone needs a break to catch their breath every now and then.