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I was attacked on Halloween by zombies!

Zombies!Last night we had a wonderful time. Since our neighborhood is historically dead, we go to a friend’s neighborhood which is Pleasantville perfect. Our zombie horde dragged their feet and moaned their way into a Pleasantville street party. All the neighbors had brought food out ala potluck and one neighbor hired a dj to play music allowing the children to dance in their driveway. The street was packed but opened up as a tractor pulled a hay ride into the cove. The "hey ride" shuttle circled the neighborhood for a couple of hours giving young tired feet a fun rest. Our four zombies (one, two, three, four) where accompanied by a friend zombie and German shepherd, a poodle, mini-Shaun, and me.

Tommy zombieSarah zombieNoah zombieAmy, cutest poodle to avoid zombiesMini-Shaun, Evan the zombie fighterCathy zombie eats Shaun

The neighborhood was ideal with neighbors socializing and laughing, people crowding the streets, no one getting angry as children cut through yards and landscaping. I didn’t see the slutty outfits that we experienced last year but we did arrive earlier this year. Everyone was so friendly and many houses were decorated for the scene. One even had a rock band playing at stadium volume.

Shaun attacked by ZombiesThe 17 year old and 5 year old wore out quickly. The 2 year old would tire then find another wind. When we stopped trick or treating for the evening, I think he could have kept going but was really done. The two teen girls could have gone all night and the pre-teen boy found a friend’s house and could have played all night. I was attacked by Zombies. One adult identified me and cackled. A teenage boy laughed as he identified me and declared me to have "the coolest costume ever!" And I think one other person got it with a chuckle but only have being clued in during an explanation to a little girl about the blood on my shirt "There’s zombies everywhere! I’m being chased by zombies. Heading to the Winchester!"

Update: We’ve receive honor from Barry for Picture of the Week! Thanks Barry!