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Pleasure Island and Adventurer’s Club closing

If I had the ability, I’d make multiple trips a year down to Disney World’s Pleasure Island. It is an innovative and unique entertainment experience primarily made up of different themed night clubs. Every night at midnight they celebrate New Year’s. The had comedy clubs, discos, country and so forth. All clubs were within a gated area separated from the parking lot by a moat. Under 18 could be on the island until a certain time then it because an adult only party. I always thought it was very well done.

My favorite part of Pleasure Island was The Adventurer’s Club. Oh what was the word we members used? Bangalosh or something.KUNGALOOSH!!!!(Thanks Missybw!) The Adventure’s Club is one part alcohol, one part animatronics, one part puppeteering, and one part improv comedy. You entered the club from the 2nd story which had a balcony overlooking the activity below. Downstairs the actor’s were dressed in costume as 1930’s adventurers some pompous, some safari attire, etc. They would tell stories of their adventures (despite some clearly having never ventured outside the club much less the wilderness) and statues and other adornments on the walls would chime in to share commentary. You never really knew what would speak next.

When I was there once, some pyt came into the club and glanced over the rail at the activity to watch. One of actors saw her and addressed her. "‘Ello Missy! Ave ya ev’r been to The Adventurer’s Club?" The entire room turns their attention to her as she leans on the rail, shakes her head and blushes. "Well, you really should come down here and join us! Since you’ve arrived, things are looking up!" She was a wearing a very, very short skirt.

I seem to recall a bell too. Often an actor would enter one of the rooms (there was a study, a lounge, and a couple of others if I recall correctly, all just off the center room), ring a bell and make an announcement. The Adventurer’s Club was always jovial and unexpected activity. Instead of closing it, they should be copying its model in every major city and college town across America!

According to the Pleasure Island FAQ:
"By September 28, 2008, all of the nightclubs on Pleasure Island will close. It will be last call for the last time at 8 Trax, The Adventurer’s Club, Mannequins™ Dance Palace, BET Sound-Stage™ Club, Motion and The Comedy Warehouse."

They’re replacing the nightclubs with outsourced restaurants.

Annual passholders get to play a round of golf instead.

Great. Thanks for shutting down the single most creative attraction at Disney World.

[Source, Gobo, BoingBoing commenter]

BoingBoing notes an online petition is going around to save The Adventurer’s Club. Somehow I don’t think that will hold much weight with the Disney execs.

Update: The PI FAQ makes it sound like Pleasure Island will become more like Disney Marketplace.