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National Emergency – Day 8

Today the household stress was tangible.
The 14-year-old escaped to the park and rode his bike for 10 miles. That was good! Cathy had the opportunity to escape the house.
I spent the day cleaning the basement which is why I took this week of vacation. Finally made a dent!
Amy keeps herself sequestered to her bed.
Tommy sleeps through the day then works the evening at Dominoes then games through the night.
In short, we maintain a semblance of normalcy.
Made a loaf of cinnamon bread.
And my very first homemade lasagna. It should not have taken half a century and a worldwide pandemic for me to learn how to make lasagna.
Tonight, date night! The stay at home edition.


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National Emergency – Day 5

This was also vacation day 2 for me. A vacation I intended to use working on the house.

My nearly 102-year-old grandmother’s assisted living facility is on complete lockdown. Despite repeated attempts to call her, I cannot get anyone to answer the phone. Why doesn’t someone put an Amazon Echo device in her room so I can use the drop-in feature?

I made a one-hour drive around Knoxville to pick up free food as encouraged by my big boss who is footing the bill. Thank you! Many people appear to be going about life as normal.

The rest of my day was spent working on a webpage that I cannot seem to get to load in less than 112 seconds.