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National Emergency – Day 4

This day was spent working. I’m fortunate to have a job that allowed me to work out of the basement in various stages of disrobe (get that picture out of your head) for 12 years. So, I worked all day long on a frustrating optimization project. I improved the code I wrote 4 years ago but ultimately it came down to a data issue.

I had a one-hour outing to make a run to Kroger (grocery), Barnes and Noble (a chocolate chip cookie), an adult store (lube and wishful thinking), and CVS drive-thru (medicine). Okay, one of these is made up.

I finished the evening making a screencast for another client and watching an episode of Locke and Key with my wife. An amazing show aside an amazing woman!

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National Emergency – Day 3

My wife made me rethink our family’s status in this pandemic.

My MIL works with the general public in a demographic that believes coronavirus is a hoax (are these the same people who believe we never landed on the moon?). She came to the house yesterday for social visit after shopping at Costco.

I went to hot yoga yesterday to sweat in a sealed-up room recycling the air of 20 people crammed together and will probably go a couple of times again this week.

My wife remains isolated in the house but is in contact with all of us high-riskers.

My eldest son works the cash register at a pizza joint that has run out of cleaning supplies and all his coworkers believe this is a hoax. He is spraying Lysol on the pen and cash as he interacts with the customers.

My eldest daughter works at an airport.

My middle son is on mandatory work from home. He lives with my MIL and joined her at Costco and the social visit yesterday.

My youngest daughter is house-sitting for my eldest daughter and hanging out in the Asheville mall.

My youngest son is addicted to working out at the YMCA.

We are not going to escape this plague.